Myles Turner is the Indiana Pacers’ Future and Everybody Knows It

Myles Turner is a budding star for the Indiana Pacers, but at one time it wasn’t such a clear path to stardom for the 20-year old.

Myles Turner has the league on notice. But before he was the Indiana Pacers starting center he had to go through a few ups and downs along the way.

Going back to the summer of 2014, the 18-year-old out of Bedford, Texas was one of the brightest prospects coming out of high school. Ranked second in the ESPN top 100 Myles was already introduced to the bright lights. Turner was a McDonald’s All-American and received a 97 grade from ESPN. This was not by accident either. You just do not see 7 footers with his combination of skill and shot-blocking. His blend of talent doesn’t just fall out of the sky, it’s a generational type of talent. Turner was and still is a YouTube type of talent.

Myles Turner’s College “Struggles”

The term struggles is in quotations for a reason.

Any 19-year-old kid that can average numbers like these is pretty dang impressive in my book. Of course, these stats weren’t good enough to garner accolades like player of the year but you can see the unique blend of talent. To block almost three shots per game as well as shoot almost 85 percent from the line proves immense potential. Even though you can easily see the star qualities scouts didn’t jump on the thought of Turner being a top pick. Texas finished with just a 20-14 record and there were reservations (as silly as it sounds) about the way he ran. These problems were just enough for Myles to fall right in the Pacers lap at pick number 11.

Proving He Belongs

During his first season as an NBA player, Turner flashed potential. This same potential he showed in college and in the summer league was carrying over into the pros. Turner shot a clean .498 from the field and almost 73 percent from the line. Although he sometimes struggled with the physicality of the league, once again Turner proved he could protect the rim and block shots. He also scored the ball at a higher rate than many would imagine. At a little over 10 points per game in only 22 minutes and only 30 starts. As the season progressed so did Turner. In the playoffs, Myles averaged close to 14 points and over 8 boards. NOT TO MENTION 3.3 BLOCKS PER GAME. Turner and the Pacers gave the Eastern Conference finalist Raptors all they could handle losing in 7 games.

Team USA and the Coming Out Party

Myles did enough in his first year to call for a spot on the USA Select team. Practicing against the best of the best every day proved a huge tool in his development. Again Myles flashed his skill and really showed he belonged with the best players in the world. Turner carried over his great momentum into this year. In his first year, Myles proved he belonged with the best players in the world. In his sophomore year, he has begun to show his potential as a perennial all-star and an overall game changer. Turner has literally improved in every major statistical category. This type of growth is both exciting and a big part of Indiana’s success as a team.

Potential for Greatness

I’ve used the word potential many times when describing this kid. What makes Myles so exciting is not only for the potential of somebody one year removed from being called a teenager to improve. But that he is already averaging better than 15 points 7 rebounds and 2 blocks.

When you think about his untapped low post game or the ability to improve his strength and conditioning it’s almost scary.

You can compare him to greats like LaMarcus Aldridge and future hall of famer Chris Bosh. These comparisons haven’t come by accident either. Game in and game out Myles flashes supreme two-way ability. With a smooth jumper from mid-range and also 3-point territory Myles presents a unique match-up problem for other centers. I say these things now and it sounds nice but he is still only 20 years old. When you think about his untapped low post game or the ability to improve his strength and conditioning it’s almost scary.

Myles has officially put the league on notice. The only thing I can think to end with is that the rest of the NBA better buckle up. Because for Myles Turner, the sky is the limit.