Indiana Pacers show up in latest trade rumors

Isaiah Jackson, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Isaiah Jackson, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Indiana Pacers have constantly been in trade rumors this year given the nature of their cap space and position in the league. NBC Sports has recently come out with a list of ten players most likely to move in the coming weeks, with multiple connections to the Indiana Pacers.

What rumors the Indiana Pacers are mentioned in

In terms of bringing players back in a trade, John Collins is mentioned as being linked to the Indiana Pacers as well as other teams such as the Utah Jazz. Collins has had an up-and-down time in the league while being in Atlanta, and it is starting to look like the pairing with Trae Young might be less than optimal.

The other Pacers link mentioned is Myles Turner (of course) who always seems to come up in these types of articles. The reasoning on Turner is clear, he is a stretch big with elite defense. Those typically don’t come around often.

Turner was linked to two different teams, the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angelos Lakers. The Lakers have been talked about hundreds of times at this point so we won’t go into the fit here. But the Warriors fit is an interesting one.

One the Warriors Turner would be joining a group where his three-point shooting would fit the main style of the team. It would also give Steph Curry and company a top 15 big man in the league, something Curry hasn’t had much of in his tenure at Golden State.

Other rumors that are being mentioned

There have been other players linked to the Pacers including Cam Reddish, Moses Moody, and Saddiq Bey. Only time will tell how many of these are going to play out. The cast of characters mentioned seems to indicate that many believe the Pacers need more depth on the wings and are needing to get rid of veteran players.

On top of constant Myles Turner rumors, many other veteran players such as Buddy Hield and TJ McConnell have been the focus of endless speculation. The question for many of these potential trades is how good the front office believes this Pacers’ team is already.

Final thoughts

This is only the beginning for Pacers’ fans when it comes to trade rumors and speculation around how the NBA landscape will be shifting this year. Given the Pacers are in a more unclear situation than normal, expect them to continue to be the center of discussions in trades, draft odds, and talks of players in the league.

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