Indiana Pacers: Game-to-game predictions for the week ahead

Tyrese Haliburton, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Tyrese Haliburton, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

So how did we do on last week’s predictions for the Indiana Pacers? We went 2 for 4 thanks to a thrilling win over the Warriors and a flat performance against the Timberwolves. See last week’s predictions.

For the week ahead, the Pacers find themselves playing four games, three of which are at home. The Pacers are recovering from a long road stretch and are getting much-needed games back at Gainbridge. Expect a young team to play better at home than on the road and for the team to look a bit better than they have over the last couple of weeks. Now let’s get to the predictions.

Heat at Pacers on 12/12

The Miami Heat find themselves at 12-15 and 10th in the Eastern Conference. The Heat have struggled on the road this season at 3-9. While the team likely is better than their record, there are indications in Miami that the team isn’t quite as good as could be expected. There have been rumors of trades potentially coming down the line for the Heat.

The Pacers will be coming off of a disappointing loss to the third-string Nets. Expect them to come out with a bit of fire to try and make up for the lackluster effort this weekend.

Our prediction: Pacers win a tight one at home.

Warriors at Pacers on 12/14

Never underestimate the power of revenge. The Pacers went to Golden State last week and made the defending champs look like pretenders against what was essentially the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. I wouldn’t expect that to happen again, and I would expect the all-time-great level talent to make a showing in Indianapolis.

The Pacers have traditionally faired well against the Warriors and play a fast-style of basketball that may be conducive to running with a team like Golden State. However, expect the team with the talent and motive to have the edge.

Our prediction: Pacers lose a thriller.

Pacers at Cavaliers on 12/16

The Cavaliers have been having themselves quite a season at 17-10 and are sitting at 3rd in the Eastern Conference. While it is early in the season, the Cavs positioning doesn’t appear to be a fluke. They have a young and talented backcourt in Garland and Mitchell, one of the few backcourts with the same level of potential as this young Pacers team.

Expect these two teams, that have similar strengths to trade blows throughout this entire game. However, the Cavs are about a year further in their development process with a deeper bench. Additionally they will be on their home court.

Our prediction: Pacers lose a second thriller in a row.

Knicks at Pacers on 12/18

Our old rivals, the New York Knicks, stroll into town on the 18th. Currently at 13-13, their record describes the team perfectly, mediocre. They aren’t bad or good, but they definitely aren’t exciting.

I would expect the Pacers potentially coming off a two-game losing streak to come back to Gainbridge with a bit of fire in their belly.

Our prediction: Pacers win big at home to send the Knicks packing.

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