Indiana Pacers: Questions to answer this offseason

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What remaining questions do the Indiana Pacers need to answer this summer?

With the news of Rick Carlisle returning as the Indiana Pacers‘ head coach being very exciting, there are still many questions that need to be answered before the 2021-22 season gets underway. The head coaching job was a big hole to be filled so it’s good we have that one out of the way so this team can be built to fit Carlisle’s system, unlike what happened with Bjorkgren.

I might as well get straight into it and look at the first question that needs to be answered, and it’s always a controversial one.

Which center should the Indiana Pacers trade, Turner vs Sabonis?

With the start of a new era under Carlisle, I think it is time to move past the Turbonis experiment, even though it wasn’t given much run due to injuries suffered by both parties. I didn’t think that the Pacers would get a head coach of this caliber due to the fact that I don’t believe many people want to take this task on, and I still feel like that’s the case. With any coach hiring this season I would still be all for splitting up the two, so don’t think it’s all because of Carlisle.

Obviously, the two bigs have completely different skill sets which makes it a hard decision to decide between them. There is no right or wrong answer it is all down to personal preference and the way you want to see that Pacers play in the near future.

As it currently stands I’m leaning towards trading Domantas Sabonis, so hear me out. I’m envisioning a fast-paced offense where we barely run any post up actions (which may sound dumb) and Myles plays the role of rim running and playing from the dunker spot, while scorers like T.J. Warren and Caris LeVert look to get their shot or make a play for someone else.

One of the biggest knocks on Myles is that he isn’t a scorer but he really doesn’t need to be.  Along with that, Sabonis should bring back more value in a trade, which will help deepen this already good roster.

Sabonis brings hard screens, tenacious rebounding, and elite passing for a big man which are all things I can’t look past and will give credit where it’s due. Sabonis affects the game in so many ways but something it’s hard for me to personally look past is his play on the defensive end. His strength is something that helps mask things like his short arms and slow footwork on that side, but I put a very high value on the defense Myles Turner gives you.

Having Myles as a lone big would mean the Pacers would have to get a rebounder to play alongside him at the four, which could easily come from a Sabonis deal.

I’m not a Sabonis hater nor am I “turning on him”, I just wholeheartedly believe it’s time for a change and with the current roster construction and the way I want to play, I give the advantage to Myles.

While this roster is good, it’s not perfect. That leads me into questioning another player, Malcolm Brogdon.