Pacers Player Previews: Lance Stephenson Edition

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 10: Lance Stephenson
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 10: Lance Stephenson /

In this upcoming season of Pacers basketball, expect to see Good Lance vs Bad Lance and everything in between.

Lance Stephenson brings fire to this Pacer team. He brings heart, he brings passion and sometimes he brings a few boneheaded plays. But, to get Good Lance sometimes you gotta put up with some Not-so-good Lance. Although this is the case, Stephenson can make plays that very few can make on the basketball court as well as bringing toughness very few can bring.

This is perhaps the most important season of Stephenson’s career. Outside of the 2013-14 Pacers squad working to earn a spot in the NBA Championship, Lance will be needed more than ever. This current team needs Lance and Lance needs it. This is his chance to prove he can be a leader in the locker room and a vital part of team success on the hardwood.

At only 27 years of age (hard to believe I know) Stephenson can grow with this young team for years to come. If Lance can show he can lead this young group and prove his talents are needed more than ever, this could be fun. The Lance Stephenson in Indy dynamic seems destined for a storybook ending. This season could be the start of something special.

Pulling stats predictions from thin air

6th man of the year: Lance Stephenson edition?

While he might not quite earn this prestigious award, I fully expect Stephenson to be in the running all year. Not only is Lance “born ready,” he might as well have been “born for being a 6th man”. Although, I will admit the second title doesn’t sound quite as catchy as the first.

A career high in points per game

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I may be a little generous on this projection. however, it is completely attainable. Lance should be the primary ball handler as well as scorer in a second unit that should get up and down the court. Not counting his stint with the Grizzlies two years ago, his previous high of 13.8 is in serious danger.

Born Ready is gonna play. A LOT.

This prediction has much to do with the way I see the season going and a little with the sheer entertainment value following Lance around like a puppy on a leash. Stephenson is talented, charismatic and should be in line for over 30 minutes per game because of these traits. Not to mention Lance can play either guard slot as well as getting run at small forward. (maybe keep him away from Kevin Love though)

Player’s Season Summed up in One Bojack GIF

If you follow the Indiana Pacers, you need a sense of humor. Laugh so you don’t cry. And what’s funnier than Bojack Horseman? Nothing. Nothing is the answer.

BoJack Horseman happy bojack horseman hooray todd chavez GIF
BoJack Horseman happy bojack horseman hooray todd chavez GIF /

Good Lance vs Bad Lance can be confusing sometimes

Sweatin’ Bullets

sweatin bullets
sweatin bullets /

Sweatin’ Bullets is an 8p9s tradition started by Jonny Auping in which we offer standalone facts, observations, and commentary, often devoid of context or fairness.

  • Lance should win sixth man of the year but won’t
  • Stephenson proves there is no place like home
  • The Pacers will be very close to last years win total

Are Pacers Lance and non Pacer Lance two different people?

The Situation: We’ve seen who Stephenson is when he doesn’t don the blue and gold. Was last year’s stint the future or the past?

Best-case Scenario: Lance shows he has arrived in Indy once again and proves both sides need each other. A career year should very much be in the cards.

Worst-case Scenario: Non Pacer Lance is just Lance and maybe they end up going separate ways in the near future.

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Prediction: Lance Stephenson should retire in a Pacers jersey, it’s only right. Born Ready leads this young Indy squad and shows at the very least this team has a playoff win in them sooner rather than later.