6 overly confident predictions for the upcoming Pacers season

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - APRIL 23: Myles Turner /
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We’re counting the days until NBA basketball is back in our lives, so let’s pass the time with some overly confident Pacers predictions that we can’t fully justify.

We are so close to real Pacers basketball you guys.

As of this post being published, there are 26 days remaining until the regular season begins and we finally have real things to talk about again. Hallelujah.

We still have to get through these 26 days though, so I’ve decided to pass the time partaking in a popular activity this time of year: making random predictions loosely based in facts/anecdotal evidence that may or may not pan out. Let’s get right to it.

HOUSTON, TX – APRIL 25: Victor Oladipo
HOUSTON, TX – APRIL 25: Victor Oladipo /

1. Myles Turner will be an All-Star

The East, in its infinite garbageness, lost three of its front court All-Star players this offseason: Jimmy Butler, Paul Millsap and someone named Paul. When I think about who will fill those three empty spots, it’s actually kind of hard to think of a good list.

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The East needs to be saved from itself.

Gordon Hayward will likely make it, Kristaps Porzingis has a good shot and, if he stays healthy, Joel Embiid is an almost lock to be voted in. If things in New York start terribly and Embiid misses significant time to start the year, the ballot is wide open for Turner.

Who else would even challenge him? Hassan Whiteside? He’s not even the best player on his own team. Al Horford? I don’t think Boston is getting three All-Stars. Carmelo Anthony? He might not even be in the East anymore.

2. Victor Oladipo won’t even get All-Star buzz

Moving to the backcourt, Victor Oladipo faces much stiffer competition if he wants to earn his first All-Star nod. Every guard on last year’s team should have a similar argument for this year’s squad, with a potentially injured Isaiah Thomas as the only exception.

Meanwhile, Bradley Beal in Washington, Khris Middleton in Milwaukee and

Dion Waiters tha God

Goran Dragic in Miami will all be making compelling cases as well.

Oladipo would have to seriously go off from opening night to even make his way into the conversation, and I just don’t see that happening. He’ll probably have good numbers, he might even score 20 a game, but once #NBAVote season hits, we won’t be hearing Oladipo’s name all that much.