Miller Time Podcast Episode #194: Rob Mahoney (Sports Illustrated) Top 100 NBA Players of 2018

MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 25: Myles Turner
MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 25: Myles Turner /

It’s high time for another episode of the Miller Time Podcast, and this time, Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated joined to defend his NBA Top 100 list.

Every year, Sports Illustrated’s The Crossover publishes its list of the Top 100 NBA Players. Every year, people complain about it — and Jon Filet and Flava Dave were two of those people. Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated caught wind of their complaint (specifically regarding Myles Turner) and volunteered to join them to explain his rationale and defend the list he had so painstakingly created.

Poor guy.

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Flava Dave and Mahoney discuss Myles Turner’s ranking, why being able to trust a veteran night after night is so valuable, screen assists, Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, and exactly how much DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors hates his guts.

Victor Oladipo ranked 77th in the already infamous list, and Myles Turner ranked 68th. Al Jefferson, by some strange mystery, was unranked. Apparently Mahoney prefers flashy skills like “efficiency” and “defensive competence” and “the ability to jump over a credit card without getting winded.” Nerd.

You can check out the whole list here, read a bit more about Mahoney’s and Ben Golliver’s process in crafting each year’s list here, and see the biggest snubs of this year here.

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