Morning Roundup: September 14, 2017

Indiana Pacers - (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Indiana Pacers - (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Keeping up on Pacers news can be daunting, so we’ve rounded the essential stuff from all over the internet into the morning roundup. Click around and never miss a beat with your favorite team!

Welcome to the morning roundup! It may not feel like it, but we are very close to having NBA basketball back in our lives. Below is a collection of the best five Pacers news articles from the last few days all in one convenient location. In today’s edition, we have stories/podcasts from Fan Rag Sports, NBA Math, Locked On Pacers, Indiana Sports Coverage and SB Nation.

Take a minute to click around and get briefed on all things Pacers before you start the day.

Something to Prove, Pacers edition: Nekias Duncan, Fan Rag Sports

Duncan takes a long look at Myles Turner and the Pacers in this story as part of Fan Rag’s Something to Prove series. Turner is the clear cornerstone, Duncan says, but it will be up to Victor Oladipo, Lance Stephenson and Glenn Robinson III to make strides and ease Turner’s burden.

Fate, Tragedy Helped Make McGinnis and Indiana Icon: Mark Montieth,

Pacers and Indiana basketball legend George McGinnis was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame at long last recently, and Mark Montieth released this compelling story as a companion. It’s a must read for basketball fans in general.

More from 8 Points, 9 Seconds

#CrystalBasketball, Ranking the Pacers for 2017-18: Adam Fromal, NBA Math

With the help of 16 NBA Math contributors, Adam Fromal ranks every player on the Pacers roster on an interesting scale that I’ll let him describe further. I’m not so sure about Glenn Robinson III’s placement, but this is definitely worth a read.

How Victor Oladipo Can Take the Next Step as an Offensive Player: Grant Afseth, Indiana Sports Coverage

Grant Afseth looks at Oladipo’s offensive game through just about every prism you can think of. Whether it’s as a pick-and-roll ball handler, in transition, spotting up or off a cut, Afseth covers it all in this satisfyingly long read.

Limited Upside, “The Pacers will be bad…and also boring”: Whitney Medworth & Caitlin Cooper, SB Nation

Everyone’s favorite Pacers duo hopped on to Mike Prada’s and SB Nation’s podcast Limited Upside to preview the upcoming Pacers season. The three writers talked about the season that was, made some predictions for this upcoming year and named their personal Pacers banana boats.

Victor Oladipo on the Breakfast Club

Let’s talk singing and hoops, shall we?

Fire Tweets from the past week:

Hold fast, NBA fans. There is light at the end of this football-filled tunnel.

That said, here’s a funny tweet from a football writer. Eclipses amirite?

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