Locked On Pacers: Pacers/Colts Combined Win Totals

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 17: DeQuan Jones
LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 17: DeQuan Jones /

With two new signings joining the team and a flurry of draft lottery reform being considered, the Locked on Pacers gang, including our own Tony East, got together to break it all down.

There’s a new Locked On Pacers this week, and it has the most entertaining topics to date!

Tony East and IndyCornrows writer Adam Friedman got together to discuss a variety of interesting topics. They started off by discussing their sentiments about the tampering case finally being over. Finally, the Pacers can move into an era where we stop talking about Paul George…

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Well, kinda. Immediately after, the hosts discuss a theory that Paul George was traded in June so the Pacers could potentially reacquire him next summer, due to a CBA rule. The theory is so crazy, it just might be true!

With the NFL starting, the next discussion was over whether or not the Pacers and Colts would combine for more or less than 41.5 wins (inspired by the great MillerTimePod). Spoiler: The hosts are pretty low on both the Colts and the Pacers.

The discussion moved to the new signings of Trey McKinney-Jones and DeQuan Jones. The hosts debate if either of them will make the team, and try to figure out which two players will get the last roster spots. Once that is finished, the hosts close by talking about the signing of Alex Poythress to a two-way contract.

The closing discussion is over the new proposed NBA draft lottery reform. Adam supports the reform, but Tony does not. The discussion goes all around from Karl-Anthony Towns to Tim Duncan, but neither host can decide if they like the proposal or not. You’ll have to listen to see what ideas they come up with!

Next: Pacers sign Dequan Jones & Trey McKinney-Jones

You can follow the Locked On Pacers podcast on Twitter @LockedOn_Pacers. To listen to this week’s episode, go to this link. The discussion in this episode is fun and we think you will enjoy it.