NBA reveals Tip-Off Week and Christmas Day national tv schedule


The NBA released its long-awaited national TV schedule for Tip-Off Week and Christmas Day games on Thursday. The Pacers will be doing their own thing.

The NBA teased its national TV schedule for the upcoming regular season by releasing the list of opening week games and Christmas Day games that will appear on national TV. To the surprise of few, the Pacers are absent from both lists.

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We were about as confident as we could be that Warriors/Cavs would be among the Christmas Day games, but I for one am shocked to see it in the 3pm slot instead of 5:30. The Lakers and the Knicks made it to Christmas without earning it once again, but that’s a big market for you.

Don’t mention that to the Chicago Bulls, who fell off the Christmas schedule for the first time in eight seasons. It’s almost as if things are going completely swimmingly in Chicago.

For the opening week schedule, the participants are a mix of contenders, would-be contenders, up-and-comers and New York Knicks. We know what the Warriors, Cavs, Rockets, Spurs, Thunder and Celtics can do, and we’re hoping the 76ers, Timberwolves, Bucks and Lakers can show us what they can do this season.

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It might be a couple seasons or more before the Pacers find their way on a list like this again. Right now, they’re fighting against market and lack of star power, but with Myles Turner’s help, they might be able to solve one of those problems in not too long.