Is this the new court design for the Indiana Pacers?

Indiana Pacers (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)
Indiana Pacers (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images) /

A photo of the Indiana Pacers new court design is rumored to have leaked, but there is no official confirmation at this time.

Just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true, but there is a photo bouncing around Twitter that is supposedly the new court design for the Indiana Pacers.

To reiterate, this is unconfirmed.

However, if it is the new court design, it brings back the Pacers the logo once described by ESPN’s Zach Lowe as a “gloriously funky “P” with the accelerating yellow ball” that used to grace mid-court.

This would make plenty of sense considering the new practice facility has a similar looking design. This is what many expected, but today is the closest we’ve come to any confirmation.

If this is the new design — complete with the new secondary logo — then it is a modest upgrade from the Pacers current design, which is a bit too subtle for my tastes. The Pacers have almost always had conservative tastes when it comes to their court, but at least changing and expanding the size of the logo is a nice touch that gives the floor some personality.

In other Pacers news…

Former Pacers guard Monta Ellis selling Tennessee home

If you have $2.8 million, you can get a pretty sweet house in Eads, Tennessee.

"NBA guard Monta Ellis is ready to dribble away from his suburban home in Eads, TN—now on the market for $2.8 million. The 12-year veteran was recently cut loose by the Indiana Pacers, and rumors are swirling as to where he’ll play next.Back in 2010, the diminutive guard purchased this mansion in suburban Memphis for $1.7 million, while playing for the Golden State Warriors. Now, the free agent is making some off-court moves and parting ways with this massive manse."

And yes, there is a full-sized basketball court on the grounds.

Ron Howard leads Fort Wayne Mad Ants basketball academy

The Indiana Pacers could make better use of their G-League affiliate, but at least Ron Howard, also known as Mr. Mad Ants, is making the best of his time there.

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This week he’s leading the Mad Ants Basketball Academy, where according to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s Justin A. Cohn, he’s keeping his focus on fun.

"But that work he put in was grounded in the fun that he had playing the sport, and that fun was stoked at an early age when, sadly, many parents these days are making it more about business than amusement.“The biggest thing (I want here) is for them to have fun because these kids are young. As you know, whatever you do, you want to have fun with it,” said Howard, who is a community outreach coordinator for Lutheran Hospital.“I was fortunate to have fun playing basketball. I really loved it. There were days I didn’t want to go to practice at all, you know what I mean? But I continued to go because I loved it. If you can keep the fun in it, especially now when it’s not as serious, you can develop that love for it at an early age and when it starts to get serious then you’ve developed the foundation and you know you love it.”"

Can’t go wrong with fun. Well, you probably can, but I think we’re safe in this instance.

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