A Kyrie-to-the-Pacers deal isn’t happening

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - APRIL 23: Kyrie Irving /

Kyrie Irving trade rumors have officially reached insane status. Before the craziness reaches Indianapolis, let’s nip this in the bud right now.

The NBA, usually sleepy and quiet in late July, has been all abuzz thanks to Kyrie Irving trade rumors.

Irving reportedly listed four preferred destinations: the San Antonio Spurs, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat.

He doesn’t have a no-trade clause or anything, so technically the Cavs could ship him off to any team they wanted. However, naming some preferred destinations is often a player’s (or agent’s) way of saying, “If you’re not on my list, don’t bother offering a trade because you’ll only be renting me.”

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Irving has two guaranteed years left on a great contract, plus a player option that he’ll almost certainly decline, barring some catastrophic injury. He’ll most likely be a free agent in the summer of 2019, and with eight years of experience, he’ll be eligible for a 30 percent max contract.

It’s difficult to come up with a trade scenario with any team that both sides say yes to, but even more difficult to do so with the Pacers. Zach Lowe reported that the Cavs’ number one priority in any potential Irving deal was getting back a “blue-chip young player” that would serve as LeBron James departure insurance.

"Cleveland is seeking a bundle of assets, but the highest priority right now is snagging a blue-chip young player, according to sources across the league. That is not necessarily a signal they think James is leaving. They would like to get everything: one or two veterans who can help LeBron dethrone Golden State, that blue-chipper, and picks. They want to prepare for a worst-case scenario of LeBron leaving without shoving him out the door by acquiring players he deems unready. Even so, the blue-chipper appears to be their guidepost, sources say."

For the Pacers, there’s only one guy on the roster with blue-chip status, and I’m not giving up Al Jefferson for anything.

Just kidding.

Based off of this reporting, Indiana isn’t getting Kyrie Irving without giving up Myles Turner, Therefore, I think it’s safe to say Indiana isn’t getting Kyrie Irving. Myles Turner projects to be a two-way star in this league, and I’m Kevin Pritchard, I’m not including him in any trade for a guy like Irving. Maybe it’s crazy, but I’m not even sure I’d do that deal straight-up.

Turner has two more years on the rookie scale, and depending on how his restricted free agency goes, he could potentially be had for less than the max in 2019. The same likely cannot be said for Irving.

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It’s looking more and more likely that Kyrie Irving won’t be a Cavalier by opening night this fall. However, it’s just as if not more likely that he won’t be a Pacer.