Were the Indiana Pacers Asking For Too Much For Paul George?

The Indiana Pacers listened to offers for star Paul George over the last few days. One of the team’s that was interested was the Boston Celtics.

Expect the unexpected from now on, Indiana Pacers fans. I don’t think anyone expected the Indiana Pacers to listen to offers on Paul George. We did get an idea of what the Pacers wanted in exchange from the Boston Celtics if they were to trade Mr. George.

According to Mike Ortiz Jr., the Pacers wanted three of four of the following players: Jae Crowder, Jaylen Brown, Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart. They also, of course, wanted the 2017 Brooklyn Nets’ draft pick.

Although Paul George is a four-time All-Star, that is a lot for Boston to give up.

You’re talking about potentially getting Jaylen Brown, who is a really good young talent. Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder are veterans who love to play defense. Marcus Smart is the same way, but younger.

That draft pick is the biggest thing, though. The Nets have 9 wins on the season, so that pick has a really good chance to be a top-three pick. The 2017 NBA Draft class is loaded with talent, so you’re going to get a really good young player with that draft pick.

Indiana decided to keep Paul George past the trade deadline. He will be in the blue and gold for the remainder of the season, at least.

However, I would seriously consider doing this deal IF you have evidence that Paul George will leave the team via free agency. According to Sam Amick, a very reliable source, George is ‘hell-bent’ on signing with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 if the Pacers aren’t true contenders.

Is that good enough evidence for the Indiana Pacers? It remains to be seen. We will find out soon enough.