Paul George Is the New Scottie Pippen

Artwork by Ishann Mishra for Bleacher Report / Media Lab
Artwork by Ishann Mishra for Bleacher Report / Media Lab /

Paul George and Scottie Pippen have been loosely compared to one another throughout George’s young career. Yesterday, Bleacher Report made the comparison official — and artistic — when they featured the two in their Mirror Images piece that placed current players and past legends side by side.

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At first glance, it’s a pretty spot on comparison.

Their bodies are built virtually the same. Paul George is 6-9, and Scottie Pippen is 6-8. Both weigh between 210 and 220 pounds. Both are ridiculous wing defenders who can handle the rock and score the ball, too. And if you think Paul George is long with his 6-11 wingspan, Scottie’s was 7-2.

They even share the trait of throwing down nasty, disrespectful dunks on giants.

Paul George
Paul George /
Paul George Scottie Pippen Ewing
Paul George Scottie Pippen Ewing /

While they do share many of the same skills, the most noticeable difference between the Paul and Scottie is their role on the basketball court. Scottie is arguably the greatest sports wingman of all time. He’s known as “Second in Command” to Jordan while winning six NBA titles with the Bulls.

But Paul George, he’s no one’s wingman.

Maybe Paul George was supposed to play the role of Scottie, maybe he was supposed to be the wingman for Danny Granger in a different life. But injuries and, ultimately, the Pacers trading away Danny altered that path. Paul George is no longer going to be someone’s wingman.

Paul George is going to be the man for the Pacers moving forward.

While Bleacher Report uses their comparison to suggest that Paul George may be better served as the Scottie to someone’s Michael, it’s important to remember we’re still experiencing the early growth of Paul George’s career.

As he recovers from his leg injury, how far Paul George will rise remains to be seen. But we know a few things for sure: He is long and lanky, he can defend any teams best player, he can finish strong at the rim, and he won’t back down to anyone.

These are qualities that Scottie Pippen and Paul George will always share.

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