Paul George Suffers Devastating Leg Injury

(photo via @jose3030)
(photo via @jose3030) /

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Paul George tried to challenge a layup attempt in transition and came down on the basketball hoop support, seemingly shattering his lower leg. It was among the most gruesome injuries I’ve seen, in the Shaun Livingston, Kevin Ware, Joe Theisman realm.

There are no words, and I’ll spare you the images for now. (UPDATE: There are some here.)

Here is more info from Ben Golliver of SI.

"The injury occurred with 9:33 remaining in the fourth quarter with Team White leading Team Blue 81-71. George’s right leg bent sharply against the basket stanchion as he attempted to contest a layup attempt by James Harden.The Thomas & Mack Center crowd began chanting “U-S-A” and “Paul! George!” to show their support for George, who remained down on the ground for some time as medical personnel attended to him. His teammates circled around him, clapping their support as he was lifted onto the stretcher. George’s hands covered his face as he was transported off the court.“There’s a brotherhood in the NBA,” USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said afterwards. “In moments like this, a brotherhood shows its heart and it shows its depth.”"

Here are reactions from the NBA Twitter world. More on the Paul George injury situation as it develops.

UPDATE: They ended the game given the gravity of the what was clearly a Team USA-ending injury for Paul George and probably much, much worse. You can only hope it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but that seems like a very optimistic outlook at this point.

"Pray for my teammate………friend pg we go get thru this fam"

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