Always Miller Time Staff:

Stephen Ajamie, Co-Editor –  Stephen was brought on as the lead editor of Always Miller Time in February of 2012.  He had done some of his own sports blogging, and brought that passion to the site.  He’s been a Pacers fan since being a life long Indy guy.  He now has a platform to share his love for the Pacers and wants to give out his own two cents on that matter.

William Rettig, Co-Editor-  William is an Indianapolis native and a graduate of Indiana University. He has followed and stayed true to the Pacers since Reggie Miller was in his prime. He has decided writing about the Pacers was an opportunity to enjoy the season even more than he already has. Follow William on Twitter: @willrettig and visit his personal blog: willrettig.tumblr.com.

James McKenney, Staff Writer-   James was brought on as the Co-Editor in July of 2013. James is a die hard Indiana Pacers fan and has been since the mid 90′s.  His writing will showcase the passion he has for this team.

Kristopher Farley, Staff Writer- Kristopher is a guy who bleeds blue and gold with fond memories of Pacer times of old.  But those memories help spark the inspiration for today’s Pacers.  He now wants to showcase his love for the Blue and Gold of today.



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