Myles Turner is the key to the Pacers pulling a massive upset over Boston

Despite the Pacers being outmatched by many in the series against the Boston Celtics, Myles Turner may just be their secret weapon.
New York Knicks v Indiana Pacers - Game Six
New York Knicks v Indiana Pacers - Game Six / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Myles Turner has had a fantastic playoffs so far, and he may very well be Indiana's key to success in the Conference Finals against Boston.

Heading into the Conference Finals, Myles Turner was making a name for himself in the playoffs. In his first playoffs in four years and as the lone center, Turner has been taking full advantage of the opportunity, averaging 17.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks on 51% from the field and an absurd 46% from deep, the highest three-point percentage amongst players still in the playoffs.

Turner's pick and pop ability and deadly top of the key three-pointer provided drop coverage matchup nightmares against bigs such as Brook Lopez and Isaiah Hartenstein in the first two rounds.

Against Boston in Game 1, Turner looked to do the same exact thing to their big men. In the first half of Game 1, Turner exploded for 18 points on 7/10 shooting and 2/3 from deep. As expected, the pick and pop with Tyrese Haliburton was working its magic and the Pacers looked to be in good shape.

Despite Al Horford being a good defender, he could not do much when switched onto Turner on the perimeter due to his lack of quickness. Turner exploited this matchup in the first half and played even better when Luke Kornet replaced Horford on the floor.

Unfortunately for Turner, he seemed to get fewer touches as the game went on. After his nuclear first half, Turner only took three shots in the second half, scoring five points before going scoreless in overtime. Part of this had to do with Boston fixing up their defense to adjust to the Turner/Haliburton two-man game and making life much tougher for the Pacers, not letting them stick with what worked in the first half.

But this did not change the fact that Turner did not even get any real post-up opportunities, which worked great for him when he did. Specifically, Turner got a lot of switches in Game 1, which would work out in his favor if he did decide to post up and take advantage of his size.

With Kristaps Porzingis still nursing a soleus strain and most likely missing the next two games of the series as well, this is the perfect time for Myles Turner to take over and show the league why he is still an Indiana Pacer after all this time.


After years of only being mentioned in trade rumors, Turner has finally made some mainstream NBA noise by himself and is a huge part of why Indiana is still here. The longest-tenured current Pacer by a mile, the usage of Turner as a main scoring option may be exactly what Indiana needs going forward for the rest of the series.