Bucks could be without another key player vs Pacers in Game 3

The Milwaukee Bucks are already going to be down one key player in Game 3. They might be without another one.
Apr 21, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Pascal Siakam (43) takes a shot
Apr 21, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Pascal Siakam (43) takes a shot / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers were able to beat the Bucks in Game 2 in impressive fashion. It was the second consecutive game that Giannis Antetokounmpo didn't play. He probably won't play in Game 3 either. Without their best player, the Bucks are relying on role players to fill the void.

No one has been able to stop Pascal Siakam. In the first two games of the series, he has scored 36 and 37 points. The Pacers used their speed and transition offense to run the Bucks off the floor. One of their key players got hurt in that game at one point.

Khris Middleton turned his ankle in the first half of the game but returned later on. He wasn't as effective afterward, but at least he was able to return and give the Bucks something. The problem is that when ankles get sprained, they swell up after the game when the adrenaline wears off.

The Bucks might not have Khris Middleton against the Pacers

Middleton was asked about his ankle after the game and he told reporters he's fine. He said that right after the game before things started swelling up. I do think that ankle could be more tender on Friday once the game is set to be played. It does help him that he gets two days of rest. He still didn't practice though.

Even if he is able to go out there and play, that ankle won't be 100%. He will have some pain tolerance things to deal with. Milwaukee already doesn't get back in transition very well. Middleton will likely have issues with that on defense as well even if he does play in Game 3.

For the Indiana Pacers, this is something they can't really think about. They have to operate under the assumption that he is going to play. Even if he does. they just have to keep the same game plan that they had for Game 2. The Bucks couldn't stop the ball movement they had.


We'll see if Middleton is able to play tonight. If he does, the Pacers should go after him.