Former Pacer could foil the Indiana Pacers’ plan to fleece the Lakers

Rick Carlisle, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Rick Carlisle, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /

The link between the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Lakers has been fully defined by the unyielding rumor mill, which, context accounted for, suggests that both teams are likely to ramp up trade discussions before the deadline.

However, the latest buzz around the league points to the Lakers zeroing in on a new trade target. Coincidentally, that target is a former cog for the Blue and Gold, potentially throwing a wrench into the Pacers’ deliberate attempt to fleece LA.

Former Indiana Pacers stud could foil the team’s plan to fleece the Lakers

Also one of the most frequent names brought up by Lakers fans in trade hypotheticals, Detroit Pistons forward and former Indiana Pacers player Bojan Bogdanovic is the latest name to be at the crux of the rumor mill for the Purple and Gold.

Bogdanovic, 33, is enjoying perhaps his best statistical season so far, logging 21.0 points per game for the Pistons on 50.8 percent shooting from the floor, including 43.7 percent on threes. All of those marks are career-highs for the nine-year veteran.

With all those considered, it’s not difficult to see why the Lakers are salivating at the prospect of adding him to their roster. Despite a much-improved play from the team in the last few weeks, LA remains outside the playoff picture in the West behind the trimmings of a roster utterly devoid of shooting.

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As things currently stand, the Lakers are third-worst in three-point shooting percentage and dead-last in threes made per outing. This is one area where Bogdanovic will be an instant upgrade, as the Croatian is a sizable wing who is a lethal threat on the perimeter, giving Anthony Davis and LeBron James some more breathing room offensively.

The merits of such pursuit, however, could effectively be the nail in the coffin for the Pacers’ hopes of fleecing the Lakers. With Myles Turner and Buddy Hield each projected to net Indiana a first-round pick, LA going after Bogdanovic, who may be a cheaper get compared to them as a pair, will close that window once and for all.

The Indiana Pacers are not particularly desperate for the Los Angeles Lakers and their unalluring crest of assets, as other teams can arguably put up similarly viable bids for the team’s veterans. It’s simply ironic that a former fan-favorite could be what prevents the Blue and Gold from enriching themselves at the expense of the Western Conference powerhouse wannabes.

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