Indiana Pacers: 4 free agents to monitor early in the season

Kyle Anderson - Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Anderson - Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports /
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With the Indiana Pacers boasting significant roster control over most of its players beyond this season, they are not currently well-positioned to be aggressive players in the 2022 NBA free agency.

Projected to have a practical cap space of approximately $8.4 million, ranked 14th in the association as things currently stand, the Blue and Gold can’t reasonably be expected to make a big splash or even pursue big headliners barring a mid-season trade that can help them free up some more leeway fore heightened activity in the offseason.

The Indiana Pacers can’t make a big splash in the 2022 NBA free agency, but they will have options with their remaining cap space

To be frank, the 2022 free agency class isn’t particularly one to move heaven and earth for. It still banners some household names and perennial All-Stars, but like the previous iteration, most of the upper echelon FAs are mostly virtual locks to either re-sign with their current clubs, or opt-in through their player options.

For the Pacers, their likeliest move in free agency, precedence and all, is re-upping TJ Warren to a new deal. While this may be far from a guarantee due to his injury concerns, Indiana’s front office could ultimately decide that his upside is still worth gambling on. For better or for worse, letting him go will not be a primary route for the team’s brass.

With all these ingrained, the Indiana Pacers can still swing for some impact players whom the market could overlook, just like how they have managed to snag low-cost, high-upside cogs in recent seasons. Here are four free agents that the team (or fans) could consider having on their early radar.