Indiana Pacers: What’s next for guard Aaron Holiday?

Indiana Pacers guard Aaron Holiday has found himself outside the rotation recently. What is next for Aaron Holiday and can he find his way back into the rotation?

It’s been no secret that Aaron Holiday has been struggling this season. The once-promising guard has even found himself on the outside looking in when it comes to the Indiana Pacers rotation. In the past eight games, Holiday has only played slightly above 51 minutes total. What has gone wrong for Holiday and can he find his way back into the rotation?

Aaron Holiday this season for the Indiana Pacers

I think it’s safe to say that Aaron Holiday hasn’t lived up to expectations this season. Last year the conversation around Holiday was that he could be a factor in the rotation as a dynamic scorer. The limiting factor for Holiday was his contribution on the defensive side of the ball.

This season has been a borderline disaster for Holiday. Offensively, Aaron has struggled to say the least. He is averaging 6.7 points, 1.7 assists, and 1.2 rebounds on the year. Holiday’s points are down by nearly three, his assists are cut in half, and he is shooting his worst percentage from the field in his career at just 37 percent. Holiday is posting a 96 offensive rating and a -3.9 offensive box plus/minus which are both career lows.

Aaron’s defense this season has been better than his offense, but still lacks the consistency you’d like to see from a third-year player. The defensive consistency has ebbed and flowed when he has been out on the court. In one game he looks like he has figured it out and in other games, he still looks lost in the defensive scheme.

What’s next for Aaron Holiday? 

So what is next for Aaron Holiday? I would like to think that the player we saw last season is still there somewhere in there. A new head coach and new schemes can always be a tough adjustment for any player. Do I think that Holiday could find a way to crack the rotation once more?

Yes, but it will be difficult with how well Edmond Sumner and T.J. McConnell are playing at the moment. If Aaron can’t crack the rotation again, his time in Indiana may be coming to an end sooner than later.