Don’t expect the Pacers to make any blockbuster moves this offseason

Victor Oladipo - Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Victor Oladipo - Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports /

The historically risk-averse Indiana Pacers have even less incentive this offseason. 

Fans should not hold their breath waiting for the Indiana Pacers to make any blockbuster moves this offseason. Despite concerns over Pacers’ all-star Victor Oladipo, there is little incentive to pull the trigger on any trades during this unique offseason. The Pacers already have limited resources as far as draft picks and cap space are concerned.

Pacer fans witnessed a flurry of conflicting information last week. There is a serious conversation over whether or not Victor Oladipo will be wearing a Pacers jersey to start the season. However, considering the prospective market not just for Victor Oladipo, but other stars such as Russell Westbrook, it seems plausible that the trade market for a talent such as Oladipo is not as strong as people would have believed.

If the Pacers commit to trading Oladipo now, they will likely have to accept a below-market offer to move a potentially “toxic” asset.

The Pacers also have to consider the fact that they are operating on a considerably tighter schedule this offseason. The Pacers’ front office will have to make decisions usually made over four months in only one month. Between preparing for a unique NBA draft and making free agency decisions, the Pacers’ front office will be on a tight schedule.

The Pacers will also need to consider how they could even acclimate acquired talent. Even under normal circumstances, it can be tough to build chemistry. The Pacers will have to conduct most team activity virtually due to the on-going pandemic and are transitioning to a new coaching staff.

For the Pacers, making significant roster changes would defeat the purpose of hiring new head coach Nate Bjorkgren unless there were insurmountable differences between this new coaching staff and a particular player.

Rumors of the Pacers also shopping talent such as Myles Turner also should be seen as unlikely. While the Pacers have reportedly received offers for Myles Turner, trading him now would be seen as Pacers’ General Manager Kevin Pritchard leaving money on the table. Myles Turner is one of the players expecting to thrive in Bjorkgren’s offense.

If the Pacers are committed to eventually making trades, expect them to be a seller at the trade deadline rather than during the off-season. The Pacers are not a team that will embrace losing lightly and will not trade any big names without receiving adequate compensation.

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