Indiana Pacers: 5 players that could be All-Star candidates in 2021

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Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers (Photo by JOHN RUTHROFF/AFP via Getty Images)

The Indiana Pacers will have the privilege of hosting the 2021 NBA All-Star game. One year removed from the most successful game in recent league history, Indy has its work cut out for itself to put on an entertaining show for NBA fans across the globe.

One of the things Indiana would like to avoid is the rough go of it Chicago had with any hometown representatives. Though it looked as though Zach LaVine might be able to make a push for one of the final All-Star slots, the Chicago Bulls sent no players to their own hosted star game.

The Pacers have a cast of candidates that should be vying for an All-Star slot next year. While not all of these players are going to be leading vote-getters in December and January, there’s a strong likelihood that at least one or two of these players will make the roster.

Some are former All-Stars already, and others would be making the game for the first time if they were to be selected.

T.J. Warren is an All-Star underdog for Indiana Pacers

T.J. Warren is admittedly going to be a shock, even to Pacers fans, if he comes forth with an All-Star caliber season in 2021. Warren has had a stellar season this year, and has debuted as a Pacer by putting together the most complete year of his career.

His ability to knock down shots at all three levels and his defensive growth this year have made the trade for him this summer look even better now than it did at the time.

There’s reason to believe he can sustain this play, but there’s also reason to believe that given the circumstances, he won’t be asked to do that. Victor Oladipo returning full-time to the lineup next year pulls ball handling and shooting opportunities away, and Warren’s services won’t be required as frequently on the offensive end.

Warren is still a year away from a contract year, too, meaning that two years from now might be his most likely bet at putting up blistering All-Star numbers.

It’s going to take a major jump for Warren to establish himself as an All-Star. Barring a disappointing injury (please, no) he likely won’t have the opportunities to be an All-Star next year.

Still, if we have to choose a sleeper to make the game, Warren is a good pick.

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