What kind of noise can the Indiana Pacers make in the playoffs?

While the Indiana Pacers haven't officially clinched a playoff spot yet, they will at least be in the play-in. What kind of noise can they make in the postseason?
Apr 7, 2024; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA;  Indiana Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton (0) and guard T.J.
Apr 7, 2024; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Indiana Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton (0) and guard T.J. / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers came into this season with a clear goal in mind. That goal was to make the playoffs. After Tyrese Haliburton got hurt last year, those dreams went right down the toilet. They were able to handle Haliburton's hamstring injury better this year and now they are in a great spot.

The playoffs are well within reach for the Pacers. They have two stars on the roster with Haliburton and Pascal Siakam. Those guys are the focal points of the offense. Myles Turner has really turned it on offensively in recent weeks as well, so the starters are playing better.

T.J. McConnell continues to lead the bench unit and was really good against the Heat. Offensively, they have as much firepower as any team in the NBA. Defensively, they're getting better. So how much noise can this team make once the playoffs do roll around?

The Indiana Pacers can at least win a first-round playoff series

Even with just a few games left in the regular season, seeding has not been figured out in the East yet. There are plenty of different scenarios still. They could play Cleveland, Orlando, or even the Bucks still. Depending on who they draw, they can be a problem for another team.

The Pacers should be able to at least win a first-round series if they play the Cavs or the Magic. Neither of them has the high-end talent that can win an NBA title. The Bucks and the Celtics can both win the title and both would be worse matchups.

The expectation for the Pacers should be to win a first-round series against one of those lesser teams. If they play the Bucks, things get a little harder. Indiana has won four out of five against them though, so if they have to play them they won't be scared.

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If they get their defense together, there's even a chance they could make the Eastern Conference Finals. That is the absolute ceiling for this team though, and that's if everything goes perfectly for them. That is not the expectation.