Three veterans the Indiana Pacers should consider signing in free agency

The Pacers are a young team. They could use some veterans who are still good at basketball. They should consider pursuing these three players in free agency.
Apr 17, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan (11) drives to the basket
Apr 17, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan (11) drives to the basket / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Klay Thompson

Tuesday night could have been the final game that Klay Thompson plays as a member of the Golden State Warriors. He's 34 years old and hasn't been the same since suffering his torn ACL and Achilles. He still has games where he can light it up from deep though.

While Thompson isn't as dangerous as he used to be, he can still come off the bench and light it up once every four or five games. He can still make six or seven threes a game when he's feeling it. The problem is his consistency. That's why he can't be a starter for the Pacers in this scenario.

Thompson is going to take a pay cut no matter where he ends up going. If he stays with the Warriors, he's going to have to take a massive one. If he wants to play on another contender, he's going to have to take one too. But who knows? Maybe he wants to just get one more massive payday from some bad team who just wants to drop him a bag.

If he's willing to sign a two-year $20-25 million deal, the Pacers should absolutely want to bring him in. He'd be a microwave they could bring off the bench and just start draining threes left and right. Imagine having T.J. McConnell penetrating the paint and kicking to an open Klay?


These three guys should all get calls from the Pacers' front office this offseason. I wouldn't be shocked if none of them want to come to Indiana, but DeRozan seems to be someone who would be interested in being the veteran guy who can still take over games and would want to play with a contending team. The Pacers fit that mold.