The three best Pacers playoff moments vs. the Knicks

A rivalry gets renewed this week as the Pacers will take on the Knicks. There have been a lot of classic moments in the playoffs between these two. These are the best three.
Indiana Pacers' forward Reggis Miller (C) loses th
Indiana Pacers' forward Reggis Miller (C) loses th / TIMOTHY A. CLARY/GettyImages
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1. Reggie Miller's 8 points in 9 seconds

No Pacers moment is as famous as this one. This is also when Miller followed up his insane act in the Spike Lee game in the previous playoffs. It was only Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals, but the Pacers were looking for revenge after the Knicks beat them the previous season to go to the NBA Finals.

It looked like the Pacers were going to lose Game 1 of the series. In fact, they were down six with just 18.7 seconds left in the game. It looked like it was over. There's no possible way a team can come back from this! Then, it happened. Reggie Miller happened.

Miller caught an inbounds pass and scored a three right away. That cut the lead to just three. Following that bucket, the Knicks threw the ball right to Miller trying to inbound the ball. He retreated back to the three-point line and hit another one. That tied the game.

Right after that, the Pacers fouled John Starks as he got the ball. He had two foul shots that could have given the Knicks the lead back. Instead, he missed them both. Patrick Ewing would then miss a shot from the lane. Miller go the rebound and was fouled.

Miller would sink both foul shots to give the Pacers a two-point lead. Greg Anthony would fall over trying to dribble the ball on the other end and Indiana won the game. It was an unbelievable start to the series. Indiana would go on to win the series and advance to take on the Magic in the Conference Finals.


Those are the three greatest Pacers moments against the Knicks so far. Could they add another moment to the list this season?