The three best Pacers playoff moments vs. the Knicks

A rivalry gets renewed this week as the Pacers will take on the Knicks. There have been a lot of classic moments in the playoffs between these two. These are the best three.
Indiana Pacers' forward Reggis Miller (C) loses th
Indiana Pacers' forward Reggis Miller (C) loses th / TIMOTHY A. CLARY/GettyImages
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2. Reggie Miller explodes for 25 points in the fourth quarter to beat the Knicks in 1994

This can be mentioned by both fanbases as just "the Spike Lee Game". If anyone mentions that, they know exactly what game you are talking about. It happened back in 1994 in the Eastern Conference Finals. It was Game 5 and the Pacers needed some sort of spark.

Michael Jordan was no longer in the league after suddenly retiring. The East was now up for grabs. These two teams were fighting for the right to make the NBA Finals and play for a championship. The stakes could not be higher for either of these teams.

The series was tied at two apiece heading into Game 5 in the Garden. The Pacers had struggled all game to get their offense going. They needed something to change. Reggie Miller needed something to get him going. Spike Lee gave him what he needed.

He said something to him and got him going. Miller went on to score 25 points in the fourth quarter alone, hitting a variety of shots. He went absolutely nuts and went right at Lee every time he hit a bucket. That's when he gave his famous choke sign.

Miller's outburst allowed the Pacers to take Game 5 and take a 3-2 series lead. Unfortunately, they would lose each of the next two games and allow the Knicks to be the team that advanced to the NBA Finals. The Knicks would go on to lose to the Houston Rockets though.

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