The Indiana Pacers seal a playoff spot with huge win over the Hawks

The Indiana Pacers needed a win in order to make the playoffs and avoid the play-in. They did that and set an NBA record in the process.
Apr 14, 2024; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Aaron Nesmith (23) dribbles the
Apr 14, 2024; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Aaron Nesmith (23) dribbles the / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers needed to beat the Atlanta Hawks in order to avoid the play-in and mak ethe playoffs. They were trying to at least seal up the six-seed in the Eastern Conference. They were stuck in this scenario because they weren't able to beat the Cavs on Friday.

Coming into the game, they had three key backups who were questionable coming into the game. Obi Toppin, Isaiah Jackson, and Jalen Smith were all questionable with different injuries. All of them were available for the game and Smith and Toppin both played well.

The Pacers started off with a massive lead after scoring 49 points in the first quarter, led by Myles Turner. He had a quick 11 points before picking up two fouls. Turner ende dup with 31 points on 13-17 shooting. He was on fire and took advantage of Clint Capela not being available for the Hawks.

The Indiana Pacers' playoff opponent is still yet to be determined

Pascal Siakam added 28 points as a starter on 13-18 shooting. Quite frankly, it was an effective shooting day for the Pacers, shooting 65% from the field. They also shot almost 53% from three-point range. That's how they put up 157 points. They won the game 157-115.

Now, they have to sit and wait. They won't know who their playoff opponent is until the day is done. They could play the Knicks, Magic, or even the Cavs. All of those matchups would be extremely intriguing with how high-powered the Pacers' offense is.

No matter who they end up facing, this was a big win for the Pacers. They needed a statement win to finish out the season and that's exactly what they deliverd. They no longer have to worry about the randomness of a one-and-done scenario. A series will determine their fate.

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This is a good sign for them moving forward. I fully believe they can make noise no matter which of those three opponents they face. The playoffs will be a great experience for this young roster.