Pacers potential targets in free agency in the Atlantic division

These particular players could make for a nice addition to the Pacers' second unit.
Boston Celtics v Indiana Pacers - Game Four
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Here we are again as we take a look at some potential free-agency moves that the Indiana Pacers could make to strengthen their rotation. With Tyrese Haliburton and Pascal Siakam slated to be locked up for the long term, any moves wouldn't affect their starting lineup. However, it would solidify a second unit that leads the league in scoring, field goal percentage, and assists a game.

The Pacers have been smart about their cap space despite being without a first-round pick in this week's NBA Draft. Any additions that Indiana will look to bring on would be a complement to the core group that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals as the sixth seed.

Without further ado, let's look at the best names available via free agency from the Atlantic Division. After all, this year's NBA Championship hails from this group.

Nicolas Batum
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1. Nicolas Batum

While the Pacers shipped former swingman Buddy Hield to the 76ers, one teammate in Philadelphia of his may be wearing blue and yellow next season instead.

The 16-year veteran forward, Nicolas Batum, is a free agent. He started his career with the Portland Trailblazers where he averaged a little more than 10 points a game during the first seven years of his career.

Batum also played five seasons with the Charlotte Hornets. The first three of those saw him raise his career scoring average as he came closer to 15 points a game. He also did so while putting up close to five rebounds and assists a game, too.

After three seasons and three games into his fourth with the Los Angeles Clippers, Batum found himself coming back to the Eastern Conference. He was a part of the James Harden trade.

During the postseason, Batum shoots about 44% from the field and better than 35.5% from behind the arc. In the first round against the New York Knicks, he connected on nine of his 22 three-point attempts (41%).

If the Pacers are to lose Toppin, this player brings a mix of scoring, passing, rebounding, and floor spacing. All of which, Toppin provided last year.

Batum made slightly north of $11 million for the 76ers in the final year of his contract. While he won't command that type of deal, a one-year deal may also make him a lucrative asset at next year's trade deadline.