One question for every Pacers player as the countdown to the NBA Playoffs begin

As the playoffs inch closer, these are questions that we have for every Pacers player.
Mar 25, 2024; Los Angeles, California, USA; Indiana Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton (0) moves the
Mar 25, 2024; Los Angeles, California, USA; Indiana Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton (0) moves the / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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Is Myles Turner good enough to swallow up defensive mistakes?

Myles Turner has always been a superb shot blocker. He's one of the elite ones in the entire NBA. He's a deterrent for players getting to the rim and trying to make layups. Turner is starting to block more shots again and it has been good to see.

The question is whether or not Turner can anchor the defense well enough to swallow up mistakes from everyone else. Haliburton is a bad defender. He's going to be the one that teams try to get their best player switched on to. Nembhard is stout and tries his best, but he's still short. Nesmith is the only reliable perimeter defender.

Turner's defensive abilities will be put to the test soon enough. Against a team like Boston, how well can he cover a corner-three shooter? Can he slide back to the paint while he's on the perimeter covering a stretch five? I'm a bit worried he'll be stretched too thin.

Can Andrew Nembhard make enough open threes?

The reason why Andrew Nembhard is the fifth starter for the Pacers is because of his defense. He's stouter than Haliburton so he won't get posted up as much. He slides his feet well enough to stay in front of guys and doesn't get beat off the dribble.

But what could take Nembhard off the floor is his shooting. While he does an excellent job of probing in the midrange and pulling up from the foul line, his three-point shooting goes in waves. Sometimes he makes three threes a game, and sometimes he goes 0-4. There's really no in between,

The Pacers need that fifth starter to be able to hit open shots. Can Nembhard hit enough of them to stay on the floor in closing time? He can't be an offensive liability out there even if his defense is pretty solid.

How many minutes can Aaron Nesmith play?

Aaron Nesmith is the best perimeter defender the Pacers have. He tries hard on every possession and is matched up with the other team's best player every game. On top of that, he's a top-three three-point shooter in the league. He has turned into the Pacers' most underrated player.

The biggest question for him is how many minutes he can play. The Pacers need him out there as much as he can stomach. He is potentially going to have to guard Giannis or Donovan Mitchell in the first round of the playoffs. Indiana can't afford to have him off the floor for very long.

Staying out of foul trouble is a big part of that as well. He has to make sure he defends well without fouling. The Bucks are definitely going to try to get him in foul trouble. The good news is they are better equipped to defend him with Siakam now that they have added him.

Now we head to the bench for some questions.