Indiana Pacers search in the Southeast for free agents

These athletes could make Gainbridge Fieldhouse their new home this summer and play with the Pacers.
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Patty Mills
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2. Patty Mills

While the Pacers showed their depth throughout the 82-game season (plus the additional games from the Inaugural In-Season Tournament), the team needed options at the guard spot. Starting point guard Tyrese Haliburton missed multiple games due to a lingering hamstring injury, among others.

Behind T.J. McConnell, the rest of the young Pacers guards were a bit unproven. Insert veteran Patty Mills and Rick Carlisle now has an established talent capable of providing productive minutes on the floor for Indiana.

Mills has also shown his durability as he has played in at least 80 games for six NBA seasons. A mainstay in the both the Portland Trailblazers and San Antonio Spurs rotations, this 15-year veteran got paid about $375,000 last season between the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat.

With career averages of nearly 42.5% from the floor and 38.5% from deep, Mills has averaged double digits in scoring at least half a dozen times. He would also provide experience and leadership to the Indiana Pacers locker room.

Mills has won a championship with the Spurs during their last title in the 2013-2014 NBA season. He was also a part of the team the year before that lost in seven games to the Miami Heat as both teams played in back-to-back championships.

With the Pacers not shying away from collecting viable players to help make another deep playoff run, Mills is a good option should he choose to play again. A team-friendly one-year deal for the veterans minimum.