3 Indiana Pacers trade targets to fix this season’s biggest problem

The Indiana Pacers have struggled on the defensive end this season, so here are potential three trade targets to help fix that problem.
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3. Matisse Thybulle

If there’s one thing Matisse Thybulle knows how to do, it’s play defense. He’s been one of the best all-around defenders ever since he stepped foot in the league.

The Portland Trail Blazers re-signed him using his Bird rights this summer, so he can’t be moved until January 15, but the Indiana Pacers should be keeping a close eye on him.

At just 6-foot-5, Thybulle would be a bit of an undersized small forward option for Indiana, but with his defensive skillset and the guards they already have on the roster, they could have him play that position.

Thybulle’s stalwart play on the perimeter, combined with his impressive ability to block shots from behind, make him an ideal trade target for the Pacers.

He would be their first choice to guard some of the league’s best guards and wings, including division rivals such as Donovan Mitchell, Damian Lillard, and Zach LaVine.

And to make the idea even more appealing, Thybulle is shooting 40% from three-point range this season. He’s always struggled with his shot, but when he’s making his threes at a high clip, he’s one of the best two-way wings in the league.

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If the Trail Blazers are open to hearing offers on all their guys by the deadline, Indiana should think long and hard about making a move for Thybulle.