Indiana Pacers look to net back-to-back wins vs. Brooklyn

How the rematch vs. the Nets can be playoff prep for the Pacers
Brooklyn Nets v Indiana Pacers
Brooklyn Nets v Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Two games in three days against the Brooklyn Nets have a similar feel to NBA playoffs. The Indiana Pacers are looking to qualify for the postseason for the first time in four years.

After Monday night's 133-111 victory, they look ready to continue to play in late April (and May). Starting point guard Tyrese Haliburton paced Indiana with 27 points and 13 assists.

He did so by shooting 4-7 from behind the arc and going 5-5 from the free throw line. Indiana had 64 points off the bench and a total of 35 assists from the team.

The Pacers got off to a strong start as they were up 75-57 by halftime. Indiana has Tuesday off and then travel to Brooklyn for a rematch Wednesday night.

Indiana's defense was able to prevent big games from multiple players. Only four players scored in double figures for the Nets.

This type of schedule has a playoff feel and gives head coach Rick Carlisle a chance to prepare his squad for adjustments and maintain that high-octane offense. With the league's best offense (in terms of points per game), the Pacers look to win their third game in a row and seventh in their last ten.

With the playoffs approaching, it becomes a game about matchups and adjustments. Carlisle will look at what worked for the Pacers and where they can become better when they face the Nets again on Wednesday night.

At 43-33, Indiana sits at the sixth seed, a game ahead of Miami as they play each other this Sunday. Dropping below the sixth seed would put the Pacers in the play-in game to officially qualify for the playoffs.

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If things go well on Wednesday, the Pacers will have some breathing room between them and the Heat for that sixth spot in the Eastern Conference.