3 Daniel Theis-Clippers trades for Pacers based on latest rumor

The LA Clippers are reportedly interested in Daniel Theis, so here are three potential trades for the Indiana Pacers to consider.
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Trade #3 - The unlikely inclusion of Buddy Hield

By far the least likely of the deals mentioned here, this trade would see the Indiana Pacers ship Daniel Theis and Buddy Hield to the LA Clippers in exchange for players and a first-round pick.

Pacers receive: Norman Powell, Mason Plumlee, Amir Coffey, Brandon Boston Jr., First-round pick

Clippers receive: Daniel Theis, Buddy Hield

Hield trade rumors began to circulate right before the start of the season as it was reported that he and the Pacers were unable to come to an agreement on a contract extension.

Trading him to the Clippers, along with Theis, for Norman Powell, salary filler, and a first-round pick could be an intriguing option for the Pacers. Powell could fill the role of Hield off the bench, or Indiana could find a third team to send him to and get more draft capital back in return.

The first clean first-round pick the Clippers would be able to send in this deal is their 2028 first-rounder, and there’s a chance they would try to get it done with multiple seconds.

However, with how well Hield has been playing for the Pacers, trading him in a deal for anything less than a first wouldn’t be ideal, even with Powell coming back in the trade.

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As noted, this is easily the least likely of the deals mentioned, and the Clippers may be more comfortable keeping Powell around. But Hield could fit next to their core a bit better as a floor-spacer, and at the very least, this concept is intriguing enough to ponder.