3 Biggest Pacers issues this season and 3 potential solutions

The Indiana Pacers have struggled in a few key areas, so here are some potential solutions to address the problems.
Indiana Pacers, Nikola Vucevic, NBA Trade Rumors
Indiana Pacers, Nikola Vucevic, NBA Trade Rumors / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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2. Rebounding

The Indiana Pacers are near the bottom of the list in terms of team rebounds. They only average 40.4 boards a game (ahead of only the Washington Wizards).

Having started all 22 games thus far for Indiana, big man Myles Turner is averaging only eight rebounds a game. That is an average of two a quarter. The next closest is Jalen Smith, with 5.5 rebounds per contest, and he comes off the bench and has been injured as of late.

The Pacers must improve on crashing the boards. Obi Toppin is the starting power forward, and he is averaging under four rebounds a game. He averages 24 minutes a game, which is barely four minutes less than what Turner plays.

One suggestion: Trade a pair of expendable players (Buddy Hield and rookie Jarace Walker) and a first-round draft pick for a guy like Nicola Vucevic.

Vucevic's name is no stranger to trade rumors, as he is playing for a team that is winning less than 40% of their games. The Chicago Bulls seem primed for a roster reset.

Unless Indiana brings in someone who can help, it will be up to everyone else on the roster to step up and improve in pulling the ball following their opponents' missed shots.