Four aspects where Johnny Furphy can help the Pacers in the present and future

Indiana traded with San Antonio for the 35th pick and Johnny Furphy. Here's how Furphy can make an immediate or future impact in Indy.
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One of the two main focal points for the Pacers following the 2024 season was clearly rebounding. Especially on the defensive end, the Pacers often watched teams get multiple second, third, and sometimes even fourth-chance points because of their inability and sometimes unwillingness to grab boards and box out.

Furphy's explosiveness comes into play big-time when looking at his rebounding ability, especially on the offensive end. His feel for the game and ability to explode off of his back foot helps him cut into spaces for offensive rebounds the same way it helps him finish at the basket. Furphy's advanced knowledge of spacing helps him relocate off the ball and get to spots where he can get loose balls and make life tough for opposing players trying to grab rebounds.

His impressive height at 6-foot-8 or 6-foot-9 is enough to pull down certain rebounds, while his intuitiveness and ability to fight on the glass and willingness to get under the rim and box out emphatically can get him the rest, leading to about five boards per game at Kansas, which is pretty impressive for a wing player, especially one who only started 19 out of 33 games.

However, this is where Furphy's lack of strength factors in. At only 190 pounds, he should look to add on some muscle if he wants to intimidate his opponents even more on the glass, and even with finishing at the rim. Regardless, his awareness of what's going on and his willingness to get down and dirty make him not only a capable rebounder but an effective one.