An ode to an all-time great Pacers player Myles Turner

Myles Turner is in the Indiana Pacers history books forever now that he is the franchise leader in blocks. He deserves more credit from fans for just that.

Mar 22, 2024; San Francisco, California, USA; Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner (33) reacts after
Mar 22, 2024; San Francisco, California, USA; Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner (33) reacts after / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers decided to select Myles Turner in the first round back in the 2015 NBA Draft. They were looking for someone to replace Roy Hibbert, who was the anchor of the defense while they were Eastern Conference contenders. A decade later, Turner is still here.

Turner broke the franchise record for blocks on Friday night against the Warriors. It's a culmination of ten years of hard work that he has put in with the Pacers. He's been through a lot in his ten-year career, and it's why he's one of my favorite Pacers of all time.

When he was first drafted, Turner thought he was going to be more of a focal point offensively. He's always shown flashes of being an elite scorer. His career high is 40 points and he's done that a few times. But it's his commitment to what the team needs that sets him apart.

Myles Turner is the ultimate team player for the Indiana Pacers

Turner's name has been in trade rumors numerous times in the last four years. That finally was put to bed when Deandre Ayton had his offer sheet matched by the Suns in 2022. Turner then signed an extension and is clearly the center the Pacers want moving forward.

Throughout all of the noise of him being in those rumors, Turner never complained. He just went about his business, put in the work, and did what was best for the team. He focused on his shot blocking and making threes. He's exactly the type of three-and-D center the NBA wants these days.

Turner has evolved with whatever coach he's had. Under Frank Vogel, the Pacers would funnel players to him in the paint so he could swat away shots. His offensive game wasn't as involved in the game plan as it is now under Rick Carlisle. Whatever the team has needed, he's done it. Even when he hasn't been happy about it.

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Turner has never become the All-Star Pacers fans hoped he would when he was drafted. That doesn't matter. He's still a really good player and a really good teammate. I'm happy for all the success he's had and all of the success he'll continue to have.