Pacers enduring odd stretch of winning and losing streaks

The Indiana Pacers have been winning a few games in a row only to then lose some... over and over again.
Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets, Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets, Houston Rockets / David Jensen/GettyImages

You can't win every game, at least in the NBA. The 23-24' Indiana Pacers are demonstrating they can lose games (almost) as much as they win them.

As of Monday, the Pacers have won three games in a row prior to and following losing three games in a row. In their most recent contest, Indiana exterminated the Charlotte Hornets on the road by a score of 115-99.

Needless to say, the win against the lowly Hornets was needed. It ended a losing streak and hopefully begins another win streak. Noteworthy in itself, it was the first game for the Pacers this season where they did not allow a team to score more than 100 points.

During the first three-game losing streak, which started in Portland (during Pascal Siakam's debut with the team), the Pacers barely averaged 111 points a game on offense. They lost all three contests by seven points or less, allowing only about 116 points a game.

Then, during the three-game win streak, the Pacers offense came to life for two of those three games as they scored 134, 133 and then 116 respectively in such games. The defense allowed 121 points a game during those games.

The Pacers would go on the road and lose a pair of lower-scoring games against two Eastern Conference contenders in Boston and New York. Indiana would go on the road in the rematch against Sacramento (which they won the previous game prior to the defeat in Portland) by 11 points.

Now, the Pacers are starting a new streak, as they took down the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night, making it two wins in a row. A third would continue their recent pattern of wins and losses.

Indiana has Wednesday night off before another home game against the inconsistent Golden State Warriors. By the weekend, Indiana could be taking another (three-game) win streak with them to Madison Square Garden.

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Following that game, Indiana will only face one playoff hopeful (Dallas) in their next five games. This should allow a hot and cold Pacers team to warm up and accelerate as they look to make the playoffs for the first time in four seasons.