Top 6 Tyrese Haliburton moments with Pacers for his 6th birthday

To celebrate Tyrese Haliburton's sixth birthday, let's take a look at his top six plays as a member of the Indiana Pacers.
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Happy Birthday Ty!

First of all, it was very hard to narrow it down to only six moments. In just 128 games for the Pacers, Tyrese Haliburton has already cemented his legacy as the greatest point guard to put on a Pacers jersey and a potential top-ten player in Pacers history already. That is not normal for someone who just turned 24 years old and still has his first big contract extension to play through.

Amazing plays, crazy passes, and fan-favorite antics aside, Haliburton has given the state of Indiana and the Pacers fandom something they have been missing for years, which is an identity.

After the Victor Oladipo injury curse of 2019, the Pacers struggled to find their place in the league for the longest time, hovering from a so-so play-in team to one of the worst teams in the league, to finally, a team on the upswing with all the potential in the world.

This would not have been possible without Haliburton, who is now looking to bring other stars to Indiana to play with him, as we have seen with Pascal Siakam only a month and a half ago.

At only 24 years old and with his entire prime to look forward to, it seems the Tyrese Haliburton era in Indiana is only getting started.

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For the Pacers to be this good, this fast is not a normal achievement, and Haliburton's efforts in turning the Pacers from an afterthought to a must-watch team night in and night out should be appreciated more around the league.

Here's to a great sixth birthday, Ty! Cheers to you and let's hope for many more!