4 Biggest reasons behind Indiana Pacers loss to Chicago Bulls

Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls /
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Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls /

3. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers

The problems didn’t end with the shooting, as the Indiana Pacers also had 17 turnovers on the night. Now, the issue isn’t exactly the number of turnovers, as Chicago had the same amount and won, but it was exactly how those turnovers came to be and how easily avoidable they were.

The Pacers just seemed out of it when it came to passing the ball, with some passes either ending up short, sailing into a defender’s hands, or being completely overshot and going into the stands.

When they weren’t turning the ball over with passes, they were turning it over right under the rim, as Bennedict Mathurin did once. At one point, Mathurin had a layup right under the rim, power dribbled, and lost possession. In fact, while Mathurin only had two turnovers on the night, it felt like a lot more, as he was dribbling errantly into the defense and looked pretty lost with the ball a lot of times.

More of the same applies to Andrew Nembhard, although he is a more extreme case. While Mathurin only got two turnovers in 27 minutes, Nembhard doubled his total with four in only 21 minutes.

Nembhard had a pretty rough game overall, not hitting a three, throwing bad passes, and eventually getting the game-sealing foul. While these aren’t exactly things to be too worried about when it comes to these two, as they are still very young and are learning with each game, the entire team should look to be more careful with the ball, as Tyrese Haliburton also had four turnovers’ while Bruce Brown had three.

One of the most important things when it comes to offense and playmaking is being able to take care of the ball, and the Indiana Pacers did not do that against Chicago, often dribbling right into the defenders and essentially asking them to take the ball the other way.

Speaking of taking care of the ball…