Former Pacers guard upset with new team as ‘whispers’ of potential trade continue

Indiana Pacers, Malcolm Brogdon, Boston Celtics, NBA Trade Rumors
Indiana Pacers, Malcolm Brogdon, Boston Celtics, NBA Trade Rumors /

The Indiana Pacers have made some serious changes to their roster over the course of the past few seasons. Obviously, adding Tyrese Haliburton was the highlight, but they’ve made some moves around the edges, too.

Last summer, they traded Malcolm Brogdon to the Boston Celtics, getting back a first-round pick, Aaron Nesmith, Daniel Theis, and filler players. The deal worked out well for both sides.

Brogdon won Sixth Man of the Year and helped Boston reach the Eastern Conference finals, Nesmith emerged as a solid rotation piece in Indiana, and Daniel Theis is a nice veteran.

However, things could be crumbling at the seams for the Celtics.

Former Indiana Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon upset with Boston Celtics as ‘whispers’ of potential trade continue

Earlier this offseason, Boston attempted to trade Brogdon to the LA Clippers for Kristaps Porzingis, but LA backed out at the last second due to injury concerns. The Celtics ended up trading Marcus Smart instead, bringing the Memphis Grizzlies into the deal.

Following the trade, Brogdon was supposedly upset with the team, and rumors of a potential trade have persisted ever since.

Adam Kaufman of the “Celtics Beat” podcast recently revealed that he’s heard rumblings that the Celtics are “still trying to trade” Brogdon.

“I have heard some whispers that they are still trying to trade [Brogdon]… Malcolm Brogdon is maybe not being actively dangled by the Celtics, but I believe he is absolutely on the trade block,” Kaufman said.

Brogdon spent the entirety of this past year in a sixth-man role – the first time in his career he’s taken on that job. And after being nearly traded by the Celtics, things could be uncomfortable.

During Porzingis’ introductory press conference, Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla mentioned that the team was working to mend the relationship with Brogdon, but the whispers of his annoyance have continued throughout the summer.

If Brogdon continues to be upset heading into the season, Brad Stevens could be forced to gauge the trade market for the former Pacer.

Some have suggested the idea of a Brogdon-for-Buddy Hield swap, as Indiana is looking to trade the three-point sharpshooter, but Boston likely wouldn’t want to give up draft capital in a deal.

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Regardless, Indiana fans will likely want to keep an eye on the Celtics as they attempt to navigate their current situation with Brogdon.