Pacers’ Tyrese Haliburton dominates in Team USA’s win over Italy

Indiana Pacers, Tyrese Haliburton, Team USA, Italy, FIBA World Cup
Indiana Pacers, Tyrese Haliburton, Team USA, Italy, FIBA World Cup /
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Indiana Pacers, Tyrese Haliburton, Team USA, Italy, FIBA World Cup
Indiana Pacers, Tyrese Haliburton, Team USA, Italy, FIBA World Cup /

Tyrese Haliburton and Team USA win vs. Italy: Final stats and takeaways

Tyrese Haliburton was nothing short of spectacular against Italy. In 20 minutes, Haliburton recorded 18 points (6-for-9 FG, 6for-8 3PT), five assists, four rebounds, three steals, and a block while finishing second on the team in +/- with a rating of +23. Team USA cruised to a 37-point victory, winning 100-63.

This game was a prime example of what Indiana Pacers fans and FIBA viewers have wanted from Steve Kerr and Team USA. Since the exhibition games, fans have been clamoring for Kerr to give Haliburton more minutes, or at least more touches, as he usually makes magic happen when the ball is in his hands.

Haliburton didn’t even have to drive to the rim to get his 18 points, as he scored all of them by way of three-pointers, most of which came off the dribble, and some with a hand right in his face.

The point guard’s effort against Italy paid off on the stat sheet, too, as Haliburton is now Team USA’s best player, according to HoopsHype’s player ratings system.

It kind of makes you think that the NBA would benefit from having him and the Pacers on national TV more often…

Once again, fans on social media noticed how comfortable Team USA’s players are with Haliburton on the floor, with some even noting that Brandon Ingram, who has been struggling so far and was even taken out of the starting lineup for Josh Hart, has been playing better with Haliburton on the floor rather than Jalen Brunson.

Paolo Banchero certainly thinks Tyrese has helped him, too, as he also took to social media to commend the point guard’s passing ability. The Orlando magic star insisted that Haliburton has never thrown him a pass he didn’t like.

Banchero even stated in his post-game interview that he was not expecting Haliburton to go between the legs on the fast break and referred to him as a “showman” for his flashy passes and ability to show off on the court.

All in all, Haliburton has put on a show so far, averaging 9.3 points, 3.0 rebounds, 5.0 assists, 1.8 steals, and 1.2 blocks while shooting 62.5% from the field and an impressive 56% from beyond the arc.

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He has done wonders for Team USA’s chemistry on and off the floor, making his teammates better along the way. This will unquestionably translate to the regular season when he goes back to his familiar teammates in Indiana.

Team USA, seeking their sixth World Cup gold medal, will face the winner of Wednesday’s quarterfinal between 11th-ranked Germany (5-0) and 29th-ranked Latvia (4-1) in the semifinals on Friday at 8:40 AM on ESPN2/ESPN+.