The 3 most catastrophic Pacers’ trades from around the internet

Lauri Markkanen, Utah Jazz (Photo by Chris Gardner/ Getty Images)
Lauri Markkanen, Utah Jazz (Photo by Chris Gardner/ Getty Images) /
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There are always bad trade proposals on the internet as it is a staple of NBA media. Perhaps it’s the fact that players are always moving around, but it is always fun to see what people have come up with for trade ideas. The Pacers are not immune.

Well buckle in, because we found some of the worst trade proposals on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

3. The Pacers decide to bet the farm on…..another power foward?

This one might be one of the worst proposals you will find, not because it lacks value, but because it makes no sense for the current state of the Indiana Pacers. You can find the original proposal here and this is what it looks like.

In a vacuum this isn’t a horrible trade. The Pacers would get rid of a couple of contracts that they aren’t going to be using to bring in an All-Star at the cost of three first round picks. But in light of the recent offseason, would this make any sense at all?

The Pacers added players such as Obi Toppin and Jarace Walker to the ranks of the power forwards this summer and clearly have a fast and high-flying playstyle they are hoping to achieve. And Markkanen? A great player that fits neither.