5 Risky trade offers Indiana Pacers could consider for Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports)
Pascal Siakam (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Trade offer No. 4: A draft pick-heavy offer

If the Indiana Pacers were looking to craft an offer around draft picks, this is a deal that could make sense. However, I’d be very careful going down this path without a concrete guarantee that Pascal Siakam would re-sign with the team once his current contract expires. If they get that guarantee upfront (likely through backchanneling) or even an extend and trade scenario, perhaps the Pacers would be open to making this type of offer.

To make the money work, Buddy Hield would once again have to be involved. The Pacers could also include Jarace Walker and Jalen Smith as two talented projects that the Raptors could take on their roster or even reroute in order to land additional draft capital (I suppose much of that depends on how much they value Precious Achiuwa).

The key to this deal, however, would be the two future first-round draft picks Toronto would be getting – perhaps a 2024 and a 2028 first-rounder, to space them out.

If Toronto is looking to take a step back to take a step forward, this could be the ideal scenario. With Walker included in this deal, this is essentially three first-round picks (and salary filler) in exchange for Siakam. That’s basically the price for a star in the current NBA economy.

The true question is whether Indiana would want to go this all-in for Siakam.