5 Risky trade offers Indiana Pacers could consider for Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports)
Pascal Siakam (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Trade offer No. 1: The lowball offer

In this first theoretical trade offer for Pascal Siakam, the Indiana Pacers would see if they could complete this deal with a bit of a lowball package. Buddy Hield almost has to be included to make the money work, along with Daniel Theis, and Jordan Nwora. The key part of this offer is Hield’s expiring contract, which the Toronto Raptors could flip before the season or even wait until the NBA Trade Deadline to cash in on, and Indiana’s 2024 first-round pick. It would be lightly protected in the event of an injury catastrophe.

Even though Toronto may be looking to move on from Siakam, I highly doubt this is an offer that would get a deal done between the two teams. If this was the case, Siakam probably would’ve been traded at the NBA Draft. Nevertheless, with this lowball of an offer, the Pacers will get a better sense of what the Raptors would be looking for in return for Siakam.

This is the type of offer to get the wheels moving for both sides. At the same time, if this is all it takes for the Pacers to get their hands on Siakam, they’d be in a great position heading into the start of the season.