Breaking News: Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets trade assets ahead of NBA draft

Bennedict Mathurin (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Bennedict Mathurin (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

We knew that the Pacers were going to move some of their picks, and now we know, at least in part, what they decided to do with them. Per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Pacers and Nuggets have made the following trade:

Thus, the Pacers basically rearranged their first round picks this year for a likely higher first-round pick next year from the Nuggets. But just because something is a first-round pick doesn’t really tell the whole story of how good the asset is. In reality, we need to know exactly where the pick that the Pacers received might fall. Pacers’ writer Tony East was able to expand on what the Denver pick was and where it might fall:

Given that some of those picks may not actually make it to Denver via Houston and Utah, there is a potential for the pick to be much better than the 29th and 32nd pick that the Pacers traded away.

This comes after multiple years of Kevin Pritchard making excellent use of our assets in our dealings with other teams. It seems that the Pacers nearly always seem to come out on top when it comes to trades and we should be amazed at the front office’s ability to use our draft assets wisely.

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Chalk this up to another point in the win column for the Pacers’ front office.

The pick, in theory, could be a lottery pick that we just recieved for some late rounders, so it’s entirely possible, and maybe even likely, that the Pacers come out way ahead in this trade. At this point it’s uncertain what the Nuggets are wanting to get in the draft with the picks but it looks like they were motivated to get into the first-round. Good on Kevin Pritchard for leveraging it for the Pacers.