7 Power forward trade targets that should be on the Indiana Pacers’ radar

John Collins, Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
John Collins, Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State Warriors

Assuming that the Golden State Warriors end up re-signing Draymond Green this offseason, which is looking more and more like the case, there’s a good chance that Jonathan Kuminga is going to want out. It’s only fair. Kuminga wants a chance to play a big role for a team and there’s little way for him to get to a role like that in Golden State. That’s where a team like the Indiana Pacers could step in.

Even more so considering the Pacers are a team that can simply absorb Kuminga’s contract without giving up another contract in return. If the Warriors are going to try to re-sign both Draymond and Klay Thompson, they’re going to need every available penny possible. And trading Kuminga for a first-round pick could effectively be a way to open up more money for the team.

Even though Kuminga is somewhat of an unproven talent, he has shown flashes of promise (averaging 10 points and three rebounds per game this season). And that’s something the Pacers could choose to take a flier on. He’d be able to grow with this team’s young core and embrace a starting role, which he probably deserves at this point.