Six things the Indiana Pacers must do this offseason

Buddy Hield - Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Buddy Hield - Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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It could be a pretty busy offseason for the Indiana Pacers as they prepare to make some heavy changes after a good season, but one that fans shouldn’t be content to stay at. The team was an abundance of riches in terms of veteran players and draft picks that could allow the team to make some major moves and shake up a team that needs to continue improving.

Here are six things the Pacers must do to keep progressing towards their goals.

6. Decide on the future of Buddy Hield

One name that continues to get floated around in trade discussions and discussions of the long term vision of the team is Buddy Hield. The team needs to decide and communicate what the plan is for Buddy moving forward.

He certainly is a valuable piece to the Pacers’ franchise. He is already one of the most accomplished three-point shooters in franchise history and clearly has a close relationship with franchise cornerstone Tyrese Haliburton.

However, the team is going to have to make some pay decisions moving forward, and Hield may not be the best place to use those dollars. Haliburton, Mathurin, and others are going to be getting pay increases eventually, and Hield may not be the strategic choice.