NBA Rumors: The best realistic free agent the Pacers could sign

Rick Carlisle, Indiana Pacers (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
Rick Carlisle, Indiana Pacers (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /
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The Pacers are entering an offseason that will be critical to rebuilding a franchise that is used to winning year in and out. However, the Pacers have had multiple seasons in a row in the lottery, a rare thing for a franchise that is constantly trying to make the playoffs.

But this offseason, the Pacers aren’t hurting for options, they may be hurting from too many of them. Just a recap of the options that the Pacers have for the upcoming offseason:

  • The Pacers enter the 2023 draft with a plethora of draft picks. One of which is in the top ten. They could use these picks to draft talent and continue their slow rebuild as they watch Mathurin, Haliburton, and co. continue to grow.
  • The Pacers have so many draft assets as well as quality veterans (Buddy Hield, Myles Turner, Daniel Theis) that could be used to trade for another solid starting piece to the lineup.
  • The Pacers enter the offseason with a massive amount of cap space that could be used to sign a high profile free agent this offseason. Although the challenge in that is recruiting them to Indiana to begin with.

If the Pacers decide to make a free agent splash, this is probably the best one that they could realistically make (excluding players they aren’t going to be able to go for such as Damian Lillard).