NBA Mock Draft: The Pacers pick up the final piece for title contention

Rick Carlisle, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Rick Carlisle, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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As the season winds down, mock drafts are beginning to take over the internet, and we are here for it. The Pacers are no exception. Because they will be drafting so high in the lottery (assuming the ping pong balls work out), they are consistently projecting to get some high-end talent added to the roster in one of the deepest NBA drafts in recent memory.

Because of this, the intrigue of who the Pacers might be most interested in is growing. Many of us inherently understand what would be the best thing for the Pacers franchise as far as the position of the drafted player: power forward.

The Pacers have consistently needed a power forward over the last couple of years and this draft could be the best time to solve that problem as there are multiple power forwards that are top ten talents in the 2023 draft. Some of the most recent mock drafts we have looked at are linked below:

This newest mock draft has the Pacers taking a completely different player than we have covered previously.